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Mystic scribe shamanic screenwriter writer Sophia Anne Rose ( H. Raven Rose) is an author, playwright, award-winning speaker, spiritual and creative coach. Her thesis in screenwriting examined traditional and alternative story development techniques for screenwriters (in the context of creative stages and specialization of the right and left hemispheres of the neocortex) and led to a new understanding of how to break through writer’s block, facilitate whole brain writing, and access Word Flow. She taught advanced screenwriting coursework (at the Creative Screenwriting Expo and for Scriptwriters Network, on the CBS Radford Lot).

Content Creator

A former mixed-media visual artist, Sophia is a shamanic practitioner, creative and spiritual coach, award-winning speaker, and author, writes stage plays, screenplays, and books, creates workshops and teaches courses (online and live) on topics including entrepreneurship, whole brain writing and creativity, breaking through writer’s block, spirituality and aligning with creative and other flow (through Soulular and cellular memory level release of negative (-) polarity material). Through My Soul Bliss she works with female Soulpreneurs (expert authors, healers, and coaches) ready to uplevel their online business and release what blocks fulfillment of their life and Soul purpose.

Shamanic Practitioner

Use of shamanic techniques, and expressive arts, such as writing, making art, and movement, listening to, or creating music, are tools to explore consciousness and facilitate Access | Process | Release of negative (-) polarity Soulular and cellular memory experience. Negative (-) polarity material keeps you stuck, unable to take action, and creates both dissonance and = low vibe emotions. Once we Access | Process | Release conscious and subconscious negative polarity material, we may more easily take action toward our dreams and goals, creative or otherwise. What we resist persists. Life progress requires Core Clear or similar depth transformation and purification work.